Kunming/Yunnan Medical Missions Trip 2014

Dear SMSV members, 

SMSV is looking for 10-12 medical students of both pre-clinical and clinical years to form a team up to Yunnan and Kunming, China in December 2014. Yunnan is an extremely beautiful rural area with vast mountainous expanses and many tribes rich in culture and history, while the latter is a bustling metropolitan city similar to that of Singapore. The main aim of the trip would be health education and screening, working mostly with the Chinese villagers and city slum children. Tentatively, the trip is divided into 2 portions:

1. Rural village work (first 5 days)

– Health education (with heavy focus on anti-smoking)

– Health screening + targeted education for families 

– De-worming for children 

– Installing solar powered lamps

2. City slum work (following 3-4 days)

– Health screening + targeted health education (anti-smoking, dental hygiene, etc.)

– Giving out food packages + vitamins 

The trip has been organised in conjunction with Dr. Tan Lai Yong, a former missionary who has lived in Kunming for several years before moving back to Singapore. He is currently lecturing in NUS. You may read more about him at the following website: http://lkyspp.nus.edu.sg/news/dr-tan-lai-yong-wandering-saint-of-singapore/

As seen from the above objectives, there will be fundraising that will needed to be done and we hope that the participants on the team can also contribute to this. The trip is a good opportunity to explore the very important effects of health education can have on the rural community. It is also aimed to give the participants a taste of what life is like in a rural community, which can then be later on compared to that of the city life in Kunming. Lastly, the trip also aims to address some simple techniques practiced in rural medicine that can make a large difference. We will be inviting a GP in Singapore who has been on some rural medicine trips to speak to the team beforehand. 

At the moment, Dr. Tan has indicated that it is unnecessary for any Singaporean doctors to come up on the trip with us as we should be able to accomplish what we have set out to achieve with sufficient students of clinical years. Pre-clinical students are more than welcome to join us in learning. 

As mentioned above, the team will be staying in the village for the first part of the trip, which will then be followed by a hotel stay in Kunming. More details will be released to the team as the date approaches.


Tentative Dates:

1st December 2014 – 12th December 2014

Projected Costs:

– Estimated total cost (tentative)= SGD$800 (inclusive of administrative fees) – not A$1500 as stated earlier
– Round-trip airfare = SGD$500
– Administrative Fees = SGD$100
– Accommodation = SGD$200

Students are welcome to extend their stay in Kunming after the conclusion of the trip at their own expense. Do let the trip co-ordinator know beforehand.

Please sign up via the online-form below and we will be in-touch with you shortly.

** Please take note that starting this year, medical students who have received a confirmation email from the trip coordinator will have to submit a deposit of A$50 by 30th August 2014. If a medical student pulls out from the trip after this date, the deposit will be forfeited and the place given to the next person on the reserve list. Any request for refunds will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


If you have any queries, please contact Nicolea at nicolea.tan@smsv.sg


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  1. Hi do you have de tan lai Yong email? I have been trying to contact him about mission trips but it seems I’ve gotten the wrong email. Would appreciate t if u could send me his email. Thanks

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