SMSV Uni Melb

SMSV-Unimelb consists of SMSV members from the University of Melbourne from MD1 to MD4. Though small in numbers, we aim to create a second home for those who join our Unimelb family, especially as MD1s! 

Having a small, close-knit group, we often have regular potluck sessions where everyone brings their favourite snacks or home cooked Singaporean food and comes along for a night of food, fun and games. At times, we also have impromptu catch-ups between different year members or zoom sessions on special occasions like National day. On top of that, we are also a bunch of students who are dedicated in passing on medical knowledge to our juniors and thus have mock OSCE sessions prior to each exam throughout the year, for all year levels ! 

Traditionally, we have two Unimelb Directors who are part of the SMSV Exco team and several year representatives for each batch, who are responsible for coordinating mOSCE and catch-up sessions for the respective junior years! If you are keen on joining the team, feel free to contact the current co-heads & fire away with your questions!