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Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the VESPA groupings for Y1s and 2s!

Year 1s, your Year 2 seniors will create a Whatsapp group for you by next week to get in touch and get started on VESPAs. Remember, it'll be up to you guys to discuss how often you want to meet and through which modality (e.g. Zoom).

If there are any concerns, you can get in touch with your year’s Y2 VESPA reps, Jennifer and Zi Hui!
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Dear Members,

Shared below would be a useful checklist shared by Singapore Global Network. Do take note if you’re making plans to return home!Making plans to return home and unsure of what to expect? Download our handy PDF checklist at and read our latest FAQ (updated 25 Mar): on the newest measures if you are returning to Singapore

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Dear members,

Here is the schedule for all SMSV lectures for Semester 1 of 2020.

Main point of note is that all lectures will now be conducted online, either via livestream (Zoom/Youtube Live) or pre-recorded.

Facebook invitations for each lecture will still be sent out closer to each date. Do add these dates to your timetable for your own reference.
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