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1 week ago

Singapore Medical Society of Victoria: SMSV

Introducing the 2019 SMSV Committee! 😊
We would like to thank all applicants for their passion and enthusiasm throughout the application process.

Also, we are reopening an additional round of applications for Publicity (Year 1s) & Education (Year 3s) to facilitate the smooth running of these sub-comms! Application closes on 21st Sept 2018 (Fri), 9pm.
Dates and timing of interview will be communicated to you soon after your application.


We highly encourage everyone with a passion to serve to apply!

*Note: The transition between the outgoing/incoming committee will take place with effect from 1st December 2018.
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Dear all,

Here is a list of members who will be striving together as part of the 2019 SMSV Committee. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all applicants for their enormous enthusiasm in the application process and all our valued members for your keen participation in the voting.

Otherwise, do also note that Subcommittee interviews will be held on Saturday, 15 September 2018 at 27 Rainforest Walk (B15). Subcommittee applicants, please refer to your emails for more details!

Have a blessed week ahead :)


President: Karthigha Pon Rajoo
Vice-President (Internal): Tan Yong Yao
Vice-President (External): Teikwen Lim
Secretary: Esther Leong
Treasurer: Shaun Chin
University of Melbourne Subcommittee Head: Chan Xiang Quan and Mohamed Hasjmy Bin Mohamed Zailani
Events Subcommittee Head: Tan Min Ting and Gorantla Suhas Chandra
Education Subcommittee Head: Matthew Chan and Shawn Koh
Missions Subcommittee Head: Jesse Hoo and Lim Mei Ting
Publicity Subcommittee Head: Minru Chee and Teow Kang Hui
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