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2 weeks ago

Singapore Medical Society of Victoria: SMSV

To all aspiring pediatricians or those keen to get yourself out there, Teddy Bear Hospital sign ups are open!

As teddy bear doctors, you can to improve your communication skills as you explain procedures and healthy living to young children aged 5-8. It is an interactive station as you engage with them through various props and of course, their teddy bears!

1) Sign up link is here:

2) Or check out SMSANZCIP page below for more information!

3) Here are the relevant dates

- 4th Jan 2019, 9AM-12PM, Poi Ching Primary
- 11th Jan 2019, 2PM-5PM, PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Blk 46 Tanglin Halt Road
- 18th Jan 2019, 8:30AM-11:30AM, PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Blk 53A Strathmore Ave
- 18th Jan 2019, 3PM-6PM, Springdale Primary School YMCA Student Care Centre
- 25th Jan 2019, 3PM-6PM, Oasis Primary School YMCA Student Care Centre

4) Please direct any questions to the SMSANZ CIP Page Facebook messenger inbox, or to with the title “TBH Queries” Bear Hospital signups are finally HERE! Whether you’re an aspiring Paediatrician or just wanna unleash your inner child again, come along and spend time with some little ones! 👧🧒
Through 5 educational and interesting stations, not only will we show the children (5-8years old) that healthcare professionals can be friendly and fun, but also teach them the importance of healthy living. 🍎🤸‍♀🥗 As Teddy Bear Doctors, your role will be to run 1 of the 5 stations we have crafted, engaging the children and teaching them how to be a mini doctor to their teddy bears!

Sign up at following link ASAP, that contains further details about timings and venues! Sign ups will close on 20 DEC 2018.

Please direct any questions to our SMSANZ CIP Page Facebook messenger inbox, or to with the title “TBH Queries”.
Enjoy your holidays!
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