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Dear all,

Two quick announcements for everyone -

1. In case anyone is not aware yet, the state of Victoria has re-enforced Covid restrictions in several regions of the state in response to a resurgence in number of infections. The transcript from Premier Dan Andrews is attached for reference.

2. Regarding plans for returning students, Monash Medicine International Students & Alumni have been in touch with Prof Leech and have received this update as follows:

- "With the recent upsurge in Victoria of COVID cases and likely further tightening of state and international borders, it looks increasing likely that our international and interstate students may not get back".

- "We are prioritising final year and year 4 to be included in a possible University supported quarantine and tested return called “safe passage” that University is brokering with commonwealth. In the background we are trying to approve and support in country placement terms if this doesn’t come off".

- "For year 1, 2 and 3, it seems most likely that an intensive practicum catch up may need to be planned for Late Jan/ Early February 2021. This will mean a ‘conditional progression’ into the following year which the Exec is discussing this afternoon."

- Multiple zoom meetings are planned ahead with DCT to discuss assessment, curriculum, year-specific approaches and international/interstate contingency planning.

That’s all for now. Thank you everyone and stay safe.
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2 weeks ago

Singapore Medical Society of Victoria: SMSV

Meme-istry of Medicine
Congratulations Victoria Tan!
You're the winner of Category 3, and you get to walk away with Organ Attack! Woohoo!

Thank you to all the partcipants and voters! Your submissions and enthusiasm over the past few weeks has been incredible.

For more updates on upcoming competitions and challenges, give us a like on our FB and Insta page.

☆ SMSV Instagram (@smsv connect) page link:
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Keep Meme-ing!
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2 weeks ago

Singapore Medical Society of Victoria: SMSV

Dear members,

Message for all regarding SMSV's most recent update regarding COVID-19. Do have a read!
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