The Events Team aims to build camaraderie and encourage bonding amongst SMSV members. At the very core of what we do, we hope that our members enjoy themselves and forge stronger friendships through sports, games, dining and a whole bunch of other activities! We strive to create memorable and fun-filled events, offer opportunities for intra and inter-batch bonding, and ultimately value-add to our fellow medical students. 

We are constantly reviewing our selection of events to meet the demands and interests of the times. Some of our recent highlights include electrifying performances by SMSV members in our annual ‘Night Fest’ talent-show, dynamic sports and fitness challenges seen in our ‘Asclepius Cup’ tournaments, and exhilarating classes on dancing, cooking, and calligraphy in our ‘How to Hobby Together’ series. Through our exciting and diverse events, we believe that members will feel well-connected and develop a strong sense of belonging to the SMSV family.

-2020 Events Committee Heads, Daniel Chang & Daniel Seow



Orientation for Freshies

Held in Singapore, this event aims to allow the Year 1s to meet their peers and get to know each other before embarking on their medical school journey in Melbourne.

Freshies’ Potluck

A great opportunity for the Year 1s to meet seniors and socialize over food and icebreakers in their new surroundings of Melbourne. This is also when VESPA groupings for Year 1s and Year 2s are released.

Buddy Line

Buddy Lines are small support groups consisting of members from all year levels (1-2 per year level). Juniors can opt to join a buddy line and participate in buddy line activities. 

Buddy Lines promote inter-batch bonding and serve as a support network for members as they transition through the different phases of medical school. There are numerous Buddy Line challenges which can be completed to earn points and win attractive prizes!

Suturing Workshop

Suturing Workshop 2022

SMSV held its annual pre-clinical and clinical suturing workshop this year on 8 April and 22 April respectively, with great success! There was a combined turnout of 80 students, 12 tutors as well as planning committee members. Our event was also graciously sponsored by Singapore Global Network as well as Dr Woof Apparel, without which we wouldn’t have had such an exciting event!

Participants were taught suturing basics such as the various equipment and sutures used, proper holding technique, as well as suturing techniques from the simple interrupted suture, to the simple continuous suture, vertical and horizontal mattresses, subcuticular suture and even the one-handed hand tie. Pork trotters and suturing pads were used to simulate human skin, while tutors went around teaching the ins and outs of basic suturing!

Towards the end of the event, a competition was held between all participants to find the suturing champion and potential future proceduralist! 10 minutes were given for everyone to suture a 10cm laceration using the simple continuous technique. Participants were graded by the tutors on various factors such as number of throws, neatness of sutures, wound apposition, strength of sutures etc. Only one winner from each workshop got to go home with a brand new set of Dr Woof scrubs of their choice! It was a very heated battle for sure.

Other than our sponsors, we’d like to thank our tutors, especially alumni, for taking time out of their busy schedules to teach participants these valuable skills. This includes, Dr Dion Koh, Dr Caleb Loo, Dr Brandon Tan, Dr Galaxy Wong, Dr Wilson Yang, Ethan Choo, Jayashree JS, Amanda Ng, Phuah Cheng Kai, Tang Myo Jin, Wesley Tjang and Josephine Wanandi. We’d also like to thank the events committee for holding this event, with special thanks to event organisers Chrislyn, Eshalene, Somesh, Chin Jin and Vanessa for making this event possible!

We hope to see everyone again next year! 🙂

Suturing Workshop 2019

Budding surgeons! A good chance to pick up basic suturing techniques early on under guidance from your seniors and doctors. Suturing is generally carried out on pig trotters. There is a pre-clinical workshop and a clinical workshop held at different times in order to facilitate targeted learning. We are also excited to share that laparoscopic simulators may be incorporated into our workshops for members to experience a taste of surgery.


2019’s inaugural How-To-Hobby Together event saw members from all year levels participating in peer-run classes on a wide variety of hobbies. Check out the list of fun-packed workshops below! Sports Workshops (2019): Latin Dance, Muay Thai, Tennis, Soccer Lifestyle Workshops (2019): Baking, Anatomy Doodling, Cooking, Homemade Earrings, Make up, Mahjong, Chinese Calligraphy 

Meddies’ Lunch/Dinner

Always a popular event, the biannual Meddies’ Lunch/Dinner is a great opportunity to meet other students from different year levels, as well as engage with both junior and senior Singaporean doctors who have a lot of useful tips and experience to share. It’s also a great chance to get mouth-watering Singaporean food at a cheap price! 

Asclepius Cup

The biannual Asclepius Cup is the largest sporting event we organize which regularly boasts over 100 participants. It features various favorite local sports and many opportunities for inter-batch mingling and community building amongst Singaporeans. Seniors and juniors will be able to participate in familiar games like soccer, basketball and captains’ ball. From time to time, new sports and games will be introduced to keep things spicy. The organising team has even considered introducing fitness challenges to promote healthy exercise. 

Night Fest

Night Fest features an evening of electrifying performances by our very own talented members! Since its conception in 2018, we have seen many breath-taking performances on Night Fest including acapella groups, power-house singers, live rock bands, beat-boxing and even tap-dancing! This event is always extremely well received, and the turnout has been phenomenal.