Behind every big announcement, fun poster and engaging infographic is SMSV’s publicity committee. Here, we aim to create graphically-appealing content for all to see, whether it be connecting and updating our members through Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook feed, or attracting sponsors to come and support our cause with our rounded portfolio. We pride ourselves in our ability to create exciting new material to promote the hard work of all of SMSV’s committees.

Beyond promoting our fellow committees, the publicity team also works in close tandem with our President and External Vice President in creating a sharp and esteemed image of SMSV, which helps benefit our members through event sponsorships and continued support from the Singaporean medical fraternity.

You can always find our publicity team by contacting SMSV on our email, Facebook and Instagram –we’ll always be there, answering your questions and providing the content for all to enjoy.

– Publicity Committee Heads 2020, Sean & Ee Lynn