Executive Committee 2020

Due to the 2020 COVID-19 situation and social distancing measures, the 2020 EXCO had our photoshoot over Zoom instead.

  • President: Tan Min Ting
  • Vice-President (Internal): Ang Tiong Han
  • Vice-President (External): Kimberly Tjahjadi
  • Secretary: Teow Kang Hui
  • Treasurer: Shelley Tan Li Cher
  • University of Melbourne Subcommittee Head: Celine Yao and Samantha Yip
  • Education Subcommittee Head: Nicolle Chew and Chim Sher Ting
  • Events Subcommittee Head: Daniel Chang and Daniel Seow
  • Publicity Subcommittee Head: Sean Ngui and Ting Ee Lynn
  • Outreach Subcommittee Head: Vishnupriya V and Pang Shi Ting