2022 SMSV Suturing Workshop

SMSV held its annual pre-clinical and clinical suturing workshop this year on 8 April and 22 April respectively, with great success! There was a combined turnout of 80 students, 12 tutors as well as planning committee members. Our event was also graciously sponsored by Singapore Global Network as well as Dr Woof Apparel, without which we wouldn’t have had such an exciting event!

Participants were taught suturing basics such as the various equipment and sutures used, proper holding technique, as well as suturing techniques from the simple interrupted suture, to the simple continuous suture, vertical and horizontal mattresses, subcuticular suture and even the one-handed hand tie. Pork trotters and suturing pads were used to simulate human skin, while tutors went around teaching the ins and outs of basic suturing!

Towards the end of the event, a competition was held between all participants to find the suturing champion and potential future proceduralist! 10 minutes were given for everyone to suture a 10cm laceration using the simple continuous technique. Participants were graded by the tutors on various factors such as number of throws, neatness of sutures, wound apposition, strength of sutures etc. Only one winner from each workshop got to go home with a brand new set of Dr Woof scrubs of their choice! It was a very heated battle for sure.

Other than our sponsors, we’d like to thank our tutors, especially alumni, for taking time out of their busy schedules to teach participants these valuable skills. This includes, Dr Dion Koh, Dr Caleb Loo, Dr Brandon Tan, Dr Galaxy Wong, Dr Wilson Yang, Ethan Choo, Jayashree JS, Amanda Ng, Phuah Cheng Kai, Tang Myo Jin, Wesley Tjang and Josephine Wanandi. We’d also like to thank the events committee for holding this event, with special thanks to event organisers Chrislyn, Eshalene, Somesh, Chin Jin and Vanessa for making this event possible!

We hope to see everyone again next year! 🙂

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