Social Work and Health – a talk by Dr Tan Lai Yong

Dr Tan Lai Yong will fly in from Singapore to give SMSV members a talk on social work and health. This event will be held at 3PM on Saturday, the 22nd August 2015, at lecture theatre R4.

The topic of this talk will be about how participants of mission trips can help the communities they are serving, and how to approach working in less developed nations and mission trips. He will also be sharing some personal experiences from his time on said missions.

Dr Tan is a well known GP involved in volunteer health work both in Singapore and overseas. He has spent 15 years working on a medical mission in Yunnan, China and is currently involved in helping ‘Hidden Communities’ in Singapore such as forgotten migrant workers. You can read more about him at

Refer to the Facebook event page for more information and enquiries may be directed there.

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