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The Events team is there to foster a strong Espirit de Corp amongst members. Providing a platform for interaction and social activities. We aim to provide members with events that would give them an opportunity to get to know their peers better. Furthermore, we are here to ensure the general welfare of all our members as a point of contact for support. Our secondary objective is to foster a strong wellbeing amongst members, so that we can achieve a healthy work-life balance to be strong advocates of health as medical practitioners in the future.


The aim of the events committee is to to foster a sense of belonging, support and camaraderie among SMSV members through various events. These range from the Asclepius Cup (an annual inter-level sporting event) to suturing workshops, ensuring that we cater to the members’ varying interests. These events give our members opportunities to interact with students from other year levels and also creates a vibrant Singaporean community ensuring that members feel at home in Melbourne.

-2016 Events Committee Head, Amos Liew


Annual events

Semester 1

Orientation for Freshies

Held in Singapore, this event aims to allow the Year 1s to meet their peers and get to know each other before embarking on their medical school journey in Melbourne.

Freshies’ gathering 

A great opportunity for the Year 1s to meet seniors and socialize over food and icebreakers in their new surroundings of Melbourne. This is also when VESPA groupings for Year 1s and Year 2s are released.


Suturing Workshop

Budding surgeons! A good chance to pick up basic suturing techniques early on under guidance from your seniors and doctors.

Suturing is generally carried out on pig trotters. There is a pre-clinical workshop and a clinical workshop held at different times in order to facilitate targeted learning.


Semester 2

Meddies’ Lunch/Dinner

Always a popular event, the Meddies’ Lunch/Dinner is a great opportunity to meet other students from different year levels, as well as engage with both junior and senior Singaporean doctors who have a lot of useful tips and experience to share. It’s also a great chance to get great food at a cheap price!


Asclepius Cup

Now in its third year of running, this is an event that pits juniors against seniors! New segments have been designed to be added to this friendly competition this year! More information on it to be released soon!

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