Our publicity team has designed many new ideas that we will be executing over the year to improve our communication and promotion of SMSV related activities!



At the beginning of the year, we introduced the addition of our Facebook SMSV organization page. This official organization page will enable us to enhance our communication between members. This single social platform channel will allow us to have more efficient inter-level, intralevel and inter-varsity communication. It is also a more professional avenue for other organizations to contact us or for public relations. Even though it is a new page, our precious snapshots of past activities have been brought over so you can still browse through those beautiful memories.



Another platform where you can find those photos will be on our website! We have been striving to keep our website well-updated with reflections shared by fellow SMSV members about our organization’s activities and photo galleries for those events! You can also find out more about our organization and read the messages from the various subcommittee heads about their subcommittee there! Please visit our website regularly to check out past and upcoming activities our organization has in store for you, and while you are at that, you might notice our monthly colour theme change of our website that we attempt to match with the mood of that month!



We also introduced the SMSV Instagram account this year, called SMSVconnect. Please follow our account as we attempt to CONNECT you guys through media content! We will also be promoting activities and keeping you updated with upcoming activities on this social media platform.



In addition, in collaboration and spearheaded by the Events committee, we created a interest group page for members to share their interests or suggestions for group activities! Please feel free to use this channel to find like-minded friends to take part in activities together!



Lastly, we have revamped our newsletter! This newly designed newsletter will be the first of the quarterly issues to come. Our newsletters will keep you up to date with SMSV activities from the various subcommittees and will also be featuring some lighthearted reads contributed from fellow SMSV members! May the recipes and recommended brunch places provide suggestions that can help you with your meal plans! We welcome all members to email us ( if you would like to contribute an article to the next newsletter!


With these implementations this year, the publicity team hopes to deliver improved communication of SMSV activities that will help to strengthen our sense of belonging as a Singapore medical community!


-2016 Publicity Committee Head, Melissa Chew