At the heart of SMSV is the education committee, which aims to assist all our members to thrive and succeed both academically, and in the workplace in future as well. We pride ourselves for conducting a myriad of educational events including revision lectures, OSCE practices, VESPA study groups and a library of study resources just to name a few.


Beyond benefiting the rest of the organization, the education committee also gives our members the opportunity to sharpen our teaching and organization skills, which we understand to be essential in the medical fraternity; we hope to bring back this culture of teaching with us wherever we work in the future.


Furthermore, to familiarize ourselves with the healthcare system back home, we are also constantly on the lookout for Singaporean doctors who might be here for working attachments and have invited many of them to give us lectures on their fields of interest.


In all, the education committee hopes that SMSV members will enjoy and benefit from the many initiatives and academic support that we provide.


– 2016 Education Committee Head, Samuel Koh



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