2016 President’s Address

12834834_10154013225332392_174629421_nDear colleagues,

As the 9th President of the Singapore Medical Society of Victoria (SMSV), it is my honour to welcome you to our organisation. SMSV would also like to extend its sincerest appreciation to all our members, alumni and sponsors for their generous contributions and invaluable support towards the organisation over the years. Since our inception in 2008, we have grown exponentially to over 330 members.

It is an exciting time to be joining the Singaporean medical community here in Victoria. The past year saw transformations and enhancements within SMSV. This change was conceived with the aim of ensuring that SMSV remains current and as a leading Singaporean medical student body in Australia.
We re-branded the society through the introduction of our new logo, website and the formation of the Alumni Wing. The Singapore Medical Alumni of Victoria (SMAV) was created to provide assistance to and increase the interaction amongst professionals working in Victoria as well as to encourage networking opportunities with the junior members of the society as well.

The year ahead

In 2016, members can look forward to a whole host of initiatives and events. The annual sporting event, Asclepius Cup, will be expanding to accommodate an IPPT challenge, in addition to the usual sports, with hopes to encourage healthy and active living as well as for the gentlemen to remain ‘operationally ready’. Other events such as the Suturing Workshops and Annual Meddie’s Lunch will also be expanded to cope with the growing membership of our society.

The inaugural 2015 SMSV Leadership Seminar, which hosted distinguished speakers from both Singapore and Australia, was well-received by all 103 delegates. This year, the event will be expanded to offer partnering Singaporean medical societies across Australia the opportunity to attend this seminar.

The Missions team will also be expanding its efforts to offer more opportunities for members to partake in medical missions to China, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand as well as local missions in Singapore to the communities who are in need of assistance. In addition, SMSV will be sending a team to Myanmar this year and is expected to become another core destination.

The Education team will be increasing the participation to allow for more members to attend its workshops and other educational events. The lecture series run for our members have been enhanced based on feedback over the years in order to deliver a comprehensive program designed to meet the academic requirements of our members. SMSV has also been actively reaching out to senior doctors currently completing fellowships or working in Victoria to deliver guest lectures for our members.

The introduction of a periodical, the Asclepius Times, by the Publicity team aims to enrich the experience of our members by providing valuable information on the upcoming events, reflections and news within the society. In addition, members can now connect with us through our Facebook Organisation page, SMSV Interest page to meet and partake in fellow members with similar interests as well as through our Instagram account.

Looking to the future

The Singapore Medical Society of Victoria will continue to serve as a bridge between the major healthcare organisations in Singapore and medical professionals here and to help foster a sense of belonging and forge strong life-long friendships amongst the medical community. Our commitment to develop our members both personally and professionally remains ever strong as we look to the future.

As an overseas community of future doctors, I encourage you to help one another grow and to share your knowledge and experiences. As told to me by a prominent doctor in the past, “You are only as good as your trainee”. This career you have chosen for yourself is a life-long journey and a privilege many desire to have. Make the most of this opportunity to serve humbly across borders to the world that we are a part of.

These few years away from home will perhaps form the best memories of your life and I have no doubt that by the end of your tenure as a student, you will be a confident, competent and compassionate leader and doctor.

Once again, on behalf of the 2016 Executive Committee of SMSV, I would like to extend a warm welcome to our freshmen and wish all members a pleasant and fulfilling year of discovery, service and development ahead.

Yours sincerely,
Sathisvaran Kanavathy
Singapore Medical Society of Victoria