2016 Heart Failure Guest Lecture 1

For the first of, hopefully, many guest lectures for the year, SMSV’s Education Committee invited Dr. Loh Seet Yoong, a consultant cardiologist at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) currently on a working attachment at the Alfred Hospital, to give us a lecture on Heart Failure.

The event was well-received, following Dr. Chia Yew Woon’s lecture series on Ischaemic Heart Disease and Cardiac Investigations last year. Shifting to one of the biggest disease burdens in Singapore and Australia, heart failure was naturally a good follow-up topic. As the Director of Heart Failure in TTSH, we had the privilege of hearing from the best in the field and we were definitely not disappointed. From the classification and prognostication of heart failure, to the myriad of pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment for this syndrome, the depth of the lecture was well appreciated by the audience; LCZ696, the Leicester City of the heart failure drugs, was also introduced to us and we were pleasantly surprised by both the efficacy and novelty of this drug.For the disoriented, trials remain the backbone for evidence based treatment of heart failure and we were exposed to a wide variety of them proving or disproving the current standard of care for patients. We were also given a few tips by the master himself, on discerning the methodology of trials before pouncing and being an early adopter of new treatment methods.

Many people even stayed behind after the lecture to ask a few more questions, especially regarding the standard of care in Australia as compared to Singapore. Not surprisingly, the principles were the same but the methods and approaches were quite different.

With the popularity of these lectures, which are useful for both Monash and Melbourne University graduates, we are hoping to have more of such lectures so as to value-add to the lectures that we currently have, and also offer Singapore’s perspective towards patient care; undoubtedly, these lectures would prove useful once we return home to do our training!

This is also a shout-out to all medical students: if you manage to come across doctors who may be willing to give us lectures, feel free to PM our SMSV Education Head, Samuel Koh (education@smsv.sg) and he’ll┬átry to arrange for it to happen!


“This informative lecture on heart failure was delivered by distinguished guest Lecturer, Dr. Loh Seet Yoong, a heart failure consultant specialist from TTSH and currently at the Alfred Hospital.”



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