2016 Freshies Gathering


Having recently concluded the SMSV Freshman Orientation Camp in Singapore at the end of January this year, SMSV decided to organise a get-together Potluck for first years to link up with their seniors, this time 6000km away from home. With juniors cooking in their individual VESPA groups, it was definitely an opportunity from them to get to know their group members better, especially if they didn’t get as much interaction during MedCamp itself.

Not surprisingly, the food was aesthetically pleasing, but even more riveting to everyone’s tastebuds! With a wide variety of vegetarian and halal dishes, complemented by several meat dishes, that too from multiple cuisines, everybody had a field day digging in!

With Spotify’s Top 50 playing gently in the background, the mood was set for some socialising, and it seems like the first years have taken very well to Melbourne, settling in rather quickly to the different environment and culture here.

Pairings of VESPA seniors & juniors were also revealed once everyone had consumed their meal. Following this, VESPA groups sat down together to draw themselves a plan for the coming year with regards to how they wanted to maximise their learning and at the same time, have fun as a collective bunch.
The Potluck was definitely a success, with some awesome food, and even better VESPA groupings that will certainly make 2016 an exciting year both academically and socially.

Freshies Potluck 2016.

“Help us welcome our new meddies to Monash!”